"Uncertainty of the Unknown" shows the possibility that might come, either an improvement or decline.

It represents diverse thoughts and brings a wide range of topics about politics, art, technology, and self-related topics. We imagined this as a rocket traveling in space , each representing different sub-themes


To seek tomorrow, one must overcome its past traumas. The combustion of the rocket is the art of letting go and embracing the past, in order to move forward into the future.

7 Years Later

A rocket, launching seven years later, represents the drive and spirit of youth equip themselves with necessary skills and knowledge to face the upcoming decade. It symbolizes a vehicle that will take them to new opportunities and experiences, and it encourages them to embrace the unknown.

50 Years later

The outer space represents the idea of being open to a vast world of possibilities and encourages being aware of the invisible things. A symbol for the unknown future and it encourages to imagine the unimaginable and consider the endless possibilities.